Volvo Construction Equipment has released a fully Electric Volvo ECR25 Mini Excavator and a fully Electric Compact L25 Wheel Loader

Volvo electric. Image- VolvoCE

António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations. Screenshot from his video.

It may well be safer to cover your desk with African Violets and go outside to work.

African violet plant. Image — Wikimedia Commons.

Promoted by West African governments and environment and development NGOs for arable land restoration and reforestation.

Woman farmer with machete making holes to plant seeds. Image — Pxfuel Creative Commons.

We’ve controlled pollutants before, we should be able to fix carbon dioxide as well.

London smog 1952. Public bus with Police motorcycle escort. Image — Flickr Creative Commons.

Do we know?

Human population decreasing, mitigating climate problems and also allowing other species to survive. Image by author.

The potential of whales to capture carbon is truly startling.

Ban Whaling, people sign Japanese flag to stop whaling, Melbourne, 2007. Image — John Englart, Flickr, Creative Commons.

Peter Miles

45 years in Environmental Science, B.Env.Sc. in Wildlife & Conservation Biology. Writes on Animals, Plants, Soil & Climate Change.

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