Indigenous People’s Service from World War 1 and ongoing.

Female bronze figure is in a Second World War Australian Army Medical Women’s Service uniform. Image by author.

But how many horses eat as much as a mammoth?

Extinct Wooly Mammoth Mammuthus primigenius, artists impression. Image — Wikimedia Commons.

The Arctic Circle and high latitude tundra have large stores of frozen carbon present in its tundra soils (Sjögersten, et al., 2003). However, climate change risks thawing and releasing greenhouse gases. Can we use natural climate solutions, rewilding, to reduce this risk?

Societies need to continue the push to decarbonize our economies and meet the Paris Agreement of zero emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050 to keep temperature increase at or near 1.5 degrees C., but natural climate solutions such as rewilding are an extra tool against climate change at our disposal.

The reintroduction of large herbivores into the Arctic…

Should I use softwood, semi-hardwood or hardwood cuttings and when?

Cuttings of Correa alba and C. decumbens in a home garden. Image by author.

Propagating plants at home with cuttings is relatively easy and in this time of climate change we need all the plants we can get. It is also quite satisfying being able to say I propagated it myself. The time of year of taking cuttings and the species are both important factors. Some species don’t strike readily from cuttings and seed is needed.

Cuttings are pieces of plants made to form roots, and when they do grow roots, they are said to strike. The cutting when placed in propagating sand should form a callus on the cut end and then grow…

Pathways to climate change mitigation and stable energy by 100% renewables for a small island.

Tesla Big Battery 100MW, now 150MW, at Hornsdale Wind Farm, mid north South Australia. Image — Flickr Creative Commons.

Some small islands are leading the way towards successful climate change mitigation by gradually replacing fossil fuels with renewable power from solar and wind, leading up to 100% replacement economically, and fulfilling the Paris Agreement of limiting the temperature rise to close to 1.5 degrees C. by 2050.

Islands, for example Jamaica, have isolated electrical systems with no outside source of backup power and the introduction of intermittent renewable sources creates situations of power fluctuations and load shedding. …

Obviously we should protect it, but why?

Australian pelican Pelecanus conspicillatus, inland but on the banks of a river. Image — by author.

Quite a few years ago I was the project officer managing a remnant vegetation protection project and was having a phone interview with a newspaper journalist. The newspaper had agreed to write a featured article in exchange for a paid advertisement for the project.

The journalist asked me about the project and I explained about fencing and revegetating land next to the original remnant vegetation, remnant from before European settlement, to protect and buffer the remnant from threats. …

Electric battery tractors, ready to run, are available to consumers.

Old Massey tractor. Image — Pixaby Creative Commons.

A 40 horse power tractor with a 28-kilowatt hour battery, providing 4 to 8 hours of operation, is available for around USD$45,000. The difference in operation time depends on whether the ‘power take off’ PTO is being used to run other machinery. This size tractor is suited to small farms, vineyards and parks and gardens and would be particularly useful in glasshouse operations. Solectrac eUtility eUtility Electric Tractor — Solectrac

Biomimicry is modeling biological entities and processes.

Velcro and Burdock Burr. Image — Google Images Creative Commons.

The popular fastener hook and loop tape, or Velcro from the French for velvet velours and hook crochet, is a well-used example of biomimicry, of technological inventers mimicking biology or copying nature. Velcro’s attachment mimics the hooks on the seed capsules of the Burdock burr plant.

There is much to learn from the natural world and this has been demonstrated on the website Biomimicry 3.8, named after the 3.8 billion years organisms have developed their survival mechanisms.

Biomimicry 3.8 is a network of scientists, engineers, architects and designers who share successful biomimicry ideas (Biomimicry, 2021; Miller & Spoolman, 2016).


The Bilby as an alternative Easter Bunny.

The Bilby’s common name is the long-eared greater bilby which makes it ideal for biting off the long chocolate ears. Image — Nicole Kearney Wikimedia Commons.

In many parts of the Christian World, Easter commemorates the crucifixion of the Prophet Jesus Christ and celebrates his resurrection. People give eggs as a symbol of life and Jesus’ resurrection.

To the delight of children, chocolate eggs have become one of the traditional Easter eggs, and to the delight of many adults as well. Over time the giving of chocolate rabbits has also become popular, who doesn’t enjoy biting the ears off of a chocolate Easter bunny.

Many discussions have occurred over previous Easters, as to the connection between eggs and rabbits, as rabbits don’t lay eggs. Although rabbits…

Climate Change is causing major changes in the distribution of marine organisms.

Great White Shark. Image — Wikimedia Commons.

Marine protected areas, MPAs, conserve shark populations by restricting fishing and protecting their habitats, if they are suitably located. Australia has had MPAs for eighty years and has one of the largest networks of MPAs. Well enforced, large, no-take MPAs of suitable habitat are needed to conserve shark species.

Climate change and the resulting ocean warming is threatening the suitability of shark habitat and MPAs.

Oceans absorb 90% of the heat held in by anthropogenic greenhouse gases which results in increasing ocean temperatures. Such changes may affect sharks as they reach the upper limit of their body temperature range. …

Peter Miles

Peter Miles B.Env.Sc. 45 years in Environmental Science, specializing in Wildlife and Conservation Biology. Writes about Animals, Revegetation & Climate Change.

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